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Project Management Kit
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Project Management Toolkit

The Project Management Toolkit includes all of the project management templates and project management forms needed to successfully deliver projects.
Every activity in the Project Life Cycle has a detailed project management template to help you succeed. More than 50 Word and Excel project templates are included, comprising over 300 pages of hints and tips, real-life examples, charts and tables.
As a Project Manager, by using this project management template kit, you will be able to:

Create project documents faster
Improve the quality of your work
Put in place best practice processes
Manage changes, risks and issues
Accurately record project progress
Monitor and control the project
Save time, cost and effort
Improve your project success

This kit includes all of the project management templates offered on our website, saving you $136 off the combined purchase price of the individual templates.

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The project management kit includes the following templates, which are also available individually for $9.95:

Project Initiation

  * Business Case

  * Feasibility Study

  * Project Charter

  * Job Description

  * Project Office Checklist

  * Phase Review Form (Initiation)

Project Closure   

  * Project Closure Report

  * Post Implementation Review

Project Planning

  * Project Plan

  * Resource Plan

  * Financial Plan

  * Quality Plan

  * Risk Plan

  * Acceptance Plan

  * Communications Plan

  * Procurement Plan

  * Tender Management Process

  * Statement of Work

  * Request for Information

  * Request for Proposal

  * Supplier Contract

  * Tender Register

  * Phase Review Form (Planning)

US$295.00 (single user license) 

Buy this Project Management kit

Project Execution 

  * Timesheet Form

  * Timesheet Register

  * Cost Management Process

  * Expense Form

  * Expense Register

  * Quality Management Process

  * Quality Review Form

  * Deliverables Register

  * Change Management Process

  * Change Request Form

  * Change Register

  * Risk Management Process

  * Risk Form

  * Risk Register

  * Issue Management Process

  * Issue Form

  * Issue Register 

  * Procurement Management Process

  * Purchase Order Form

  * Procurement Register

  * Acceptance Management Process

  * Acceptance Form 

  * Acceptance Register 

  * Communications Management Process

  * Project Status Report  

  * Communications Register  

  * Phase Review Form (Execution)

Project Management Kit

The Project Management Toolkit will provide you with the entire suite of project management templates needed to deliver projects on time, within budget and to specification. These comprehensive project templates describe in depth, how to undertake every activity within the Project Lifecycle. Whether you need a Business Case template, a Feasibility Study or a Project Plan, the Project Management Kit has everything you need to deliver your projects successfully.

If you’re a manager, team member, consultant, trainer or student, the Project Management Toolkit will give you a “head start” when initiating and managing projects, by providing you with pre-completed templates for creating project deliverables. By using these project templates, you will save time and money by producing deliverables faster and easier than before.


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